About me


Hi! I’m Zulema, a Spanish journalist living in the UK since 2014. An absolute lover of the English language since I was a kid, now I’m studying a second degree in English Studies. Passionate about travelling, I can’t do it as much as I wish but I’ll try to share both little trips and bigger adventures in the future. Apart from that, you could find me discussing about a variety of topics. I hope you don’t mind…

I studied photography and video when I was a teenager. That brought to me the wonderful discovery of the former at 17, a good eye for aesthetics and an interest for everything visual. And mostly boosted my creativity.


Taking pictures in ‘Praia do Rostro’ (look it up!),  a beautiful wild beach, opposite side to the one by which I grew up.

Languages and words are my greatest passion. I absolutely love films and I binge-watch series all the time! I particularly appreciate good acting and fascinating characters and stories. One of my favourite things is talking about it afterwards. I enjoy both cooking and food, good music and I’ve always had a fascination for cities and urban life. Although I find the countryside relaxing and soothing for the mind.  I was raised by the sea, in the coast of Galicia (go check Google Maps!) so no wonder the ocean is my weakness.


In Mevagissey, Cornwall. The Galician coast in England! I felt like home. 😀

After working for two years in retail, at the end of 2016, I decided it was enough and that I deserved to spend most of my time doing something that made me happy. So I quit my job. But it hasn’t been easy, under the pressure of living on benefits, especially if we consider how stigmatised that is. And because I’m always afraid they may force me to take ‘any job’ to make it count for their statistics.

Zu_ Wiltshire_cows

With these lovely cows in the stunning Wiltshire countryside. Again, this feels like home.